Why I Find Myself Suddenly Wavering on #NeverTrump

Author’s Note: Everything I am about to write is subject to change. The Lord knows it has changed about seven times since last Tuesday. But today, as I write this, there is only one thing I can think of that would be worse for this nation than a Donald Trump Presidency…a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Please don’t misunderstand; I am in no way advocating for Trump. I have written dozens of columns exhorting the merits of Ted Cruz since he first won his Senate race. I was a Cruz supporter for President from the time he first announced his candidacy. Likewise, I have begged readers to wake up to the reality of who Donald Trump is since the day he announced, admittedly to no avail.

My argument, like that of my #NeverTrump colleagues, is a moral one. I believe that a Clinton administration, on the heels of eight years of Obama will mean the end of this Republic. I greatly respect those in the #NeverTrump crowd, I think most have made meritorious arguments against voting for him. I agree that God will hold us accountable for our vote. I even acknowledge and concur with the Spurgeon quote that I have seen many times, “When the Christian is confronted with the choice of a lesser of two evils…choose neither.” My fear is that this election, as it is currently shaped, is a choice between a horrible Republican nominee (our worst in the modern era and perhaps ever) and a level of evil that will result in the fall of America. If God will hold me accountable for my vote, will he not hold me accountable for any action that results in the likely election of the virulently pro-abortion, anti-marriage, and the perhaps traitorous (her compromised email server) Clinton?

I spent some time this week with a dear friend. He is a Baptist Pastor from Africa. I won’t mention even the nation he comes from because he has returned now and his life is in danger daily for the crime of spreading the Gospel. My friend was gravely concerned about this country. He realizes that if America continues on its current path, there is nowhere for him and his Christian countrymen to turn for help. Those who oppose him, who already want he and the members of his church dead, know it too. I cannot say with confidence a President Trump would lift a finger to protect them, but I know Hillary won’t. And knowing that, am I not accountable for my role in that result?

I believe that my #NeverTrump collegues are only making one error in judgement; they are underestimating the catastrophe that will result from four more years of the extreme left. I don’t buy the arguments that a Republican Congress can and will resist Hillary until a truly conservative presidential candidate can run in 2020. What in recent history makes us think this will occur? What has this Congress done that makes us think for one second that they will put up any more than a token resistance to Hillary Clinton’s leftist agenda.

And what of Hillary as Commander in Chief? Should the architect of the Bengazi debacle be trusted to defeat ISIS?

I was literally sickened when Ted Cruz dropped out. I remain in shock that these two are what this nation, a nation in crisis, has chosen to put forth as our candidates (thank you John Kasich). And yes I do wonder if this choice is but the first sip from the bitter cup of God’s judgement upon this nation. But right now, I feel that anything I do, including writing in a third candidate’s name, will only succeed in advancing the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. We have six months. I pray that a viable third party candidate can prevent both Trump and Hillary from reaching 270 electoral votes. But until I see that candidate emerge, and if I am honest with readers about where I now stand, I cannot be dogmatic that I will never vote for Trump. And it sickens me to say so.

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