A Republican National Convention logo is seen though silhouetted production equipment on a huge video screen at Quicken Loans Arena for the Republican National Convention, Sunday, July 17, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Why I’m Not in Cleveland

For those of you who missed my 1am tweet the other day, I will not be in Cleveland this week. I was supposed to be in Cleveland this week, but life is sometimes funny.

Back in April, I found myself being rushed into an intensive care unit with upwards of 30 small clots in my lungs and little lung capacity left. My CT scan came as my wife, who has a rather uncommon lung disorder, went in for a routine CT scan. The doctors found a small spot on her left lung and suggested she fly out to Arizona to the Mayo Clinic to have it looked at.

We were supposed to go together. I got us a suite at the Four Seasons in Arizona. We were going to stay a few extra days and have a vacation without our kids. Instead, my father-in-law went and I am only just cleared to get back on airplanes.

Unfortunately, the doctors in Arizona concluded that my wife might have cancer and wanted to remove the growth in her right lung.

On June 14th, my wife went in for surgery. The doctors performed a pre-surgical CT to chart their way into her right lung and found a growth in her left lung that had not been there in April. So on the 14th, the doctors removed a small portion of Christy’s right lung, then went back in on the 17th and took out a small portion of her left lung.

It turns out my perfectly healthy non-smoking wife had lung cancer. The lung disorder she has had for years had finally started to metastasize. Thankfully, the surgery got it all and got it very early. She won’t have to have chemo or radiation.

We are now one month removed from her surgery and her recovery is progressing, but she is still worn out. She still cannot drive much and naps help a lot. It is far better for me to be with my family, helping with both my wife and kids, than to be in Cleveland for the GOP’s ritual suicide.

Part of me is frustrated at seemingly being sidelined. I am getting flooded with requests for interviews on Cleveland. My usefulness to both Fox News and my radio station is somewhat diminished. But I’ve learned God sometimes has a way of forcing us to reassess our priorities. An unexpected week in the hospital trying not to die reminded me sometimes I need to slow down. And this is just a reminder to me of how precious my family is and my wife is my everything. I feel like we’ve been living the Book of Job these last few months and I’d rather be with my wife than with the horde in Cleveland.

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