Why Is the Christian Times Spreading Lies About Franklin, Ohio Ballots?

Until an hour ago, I had never heard of the “Christian Times” website. But a listener of my radio program emailed me this link asking if I had heard about the story.

It did not take more than a few minutes to figure out that the whole thing is a lie, which begs the question of why a purported Christian publication would be passing on lies to its readers, complete with photoshopped, digitally altered pictures to use as evidence.

Again, this is a supposedly Christian publication.

The publication has a picture of a man in a warehouse who claims to have uncovered “approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates.”

The source, a Trump supporter named Randall Prince, is purportedly pictured with the boxes.

The Christian Times even includes a replica ballot.

There are just a billion problems with the Christian Times article.

First, the picture of “Randall Prince,” is actually a photoshopped image of this picture from 2015 of ballot boxes being delivered to a center in Birmingham, England. You can even tell it is a bad photoshop. The boxes are positioned at an angle, but the text “BALLOT BOX” is perfectly straight across the picture.

Second, the sample ballot displayed has the Green Party listed first, which is not actually the order it will appear. In fact, the actual Franklin County ballot will have the Democrats first. You can see an actual sample ballot from Franklin County, OH, obtained directly from their Board of Elections right here. It substantially deviates from the Christian Times.

The Christian Times is either lying or being lied to by a Trump supporter named Randall Prince and running a story too good to be true. Either way, the Christian Times is passing along a story that is not true and is easily verifiable as being not true.

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