Why Is Trump’s Campaign Letting Him Hate Tweet at 3am?

Overnight, Donald Trump became unglued on twitter and the bizarre part about it is his campaign had not taken his phone away.

It has been well established that Trump does not use an iPhone. He uses an Android device. His campaign tweets on his behalf with an iPhone and then he uses his phone. The tweets are noticeably different in tone and style as well. For example, at 6:17pm yesterday, his campaign tweeted this using an iPhone.

At 10:16pm, Trump took over with his Android device and attacked Don Lemon and CNN.

At 3:20am, Trump was still at it attacking leaks from his campaign demanding that they be ignored. Those leaks, in recent days from campaign staff, had conceded Trump’s debate performance was not good and that he would retool.

At 5:14am, still on an Android device, so most likely still Donald Trump, he started attacking Hillary Clinton and the former Miss Universe.

At 5:19am, he began attacking Miss Universe, who he once referred to as “Miss Housekeeping,” directly.

By 5:30am, Trump was encouraging people to go watch pornography.

He concluded at 8:50am this morning by reverting to attacks against reports based on sources in his campaign.

[UPDATE] He’s back at it at 10:21am now going after the newspapers that have not endorsed him.

All of those tweets were done on an Android device and presumably from Trump himself. Not only does it suggest he had a sleepless night, it suggests Clinton really got under his skin at the debate with that attack. It was his biggest meltdown of the night, coming at the end.

This is also a big red flag that his campaign is having trouble controlling him again. Trump is his own worst enemy and his access to Twitter brings out bad tendencies that throw off his messaging.

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