Why Must Christians and Conservatives Be The Quitters?

Last night on my way home from church, I picked up a copy of the local paper. I admit, I rarely read the paper, but it is the “official legal organ” of the county I live in, which is a fancy way of saying you have to buy a paper to know what local government is up to. Apparently we haven’t discovered the wonders of the internet here in rural north Georgia, but I digress.

In the opinions section was a piece comparing the apparent economic wasteland of North Carolina and our own state, where Governor Deal vetoed one religious liberty bill and is working hard to scuttle another. All across the state liberals and journalists (an old Latin term for “liberals who can write”) are perplexed as to why Christians in Georgia won’t give up on these “anti-gay” bills that are “destroying” North Carolina’s economy. In their eyes, Christians and conservatives should quit now or risk continued economic troubles.

If you are the slightest bit educated on the issues, you’ll find that these “journalists” are either intentionally deceptive, or tragically ignorant. Despite the claims of English professors across the country, knowing how to write doesn’t actually mean you know what you are writing about.

For starters, North Carolina’s economy is booming right now. In fact, two of my colleagues here at the Resurgent have written wonderful posts today looking at the actual data and what it says about the economic situation for our northern neighbors.

From Autumn Price,

“North Carolina ranked fourth in the country [in 2016] for ‘attracting and expanding businesses’ with the arrival of 289 major projects in 2016, and seventh overall for projects per capita. The statistics mirror those found in Site Selection magazine’s 2015 edition.

North Carolina ranked first of eight states for bringing in corporate facilities in the South Atlantic region. Forbes and Site Selection magazine both ranked North Carolina as the No. 2 state for ‘business climate’ in November.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, North Carolina had only a 5.3 percent unemployment rate in January 2016 and the rate remained the same in January 2017.”

I guess North Carolina is doing alright after all. I think Susan Wright said it best, “It’s almost like real people aren’t buying the unicorn farts being passed off as human rights issues by the left!”

So maybe being like North Carolina isn’t so bad. In reality, passing RFRA isn’t even following in NC’s footsteps. People also fail to recognize what the Georgia RFRA (Religious Freedom and Restoration Act) bill actually is. The bill introduced by Marty Harbin would simply adopt the federal RFRA bill at the state level.

The federal government passed this bill in 1993 when Nathan Deal voted for it and Bill Clinton signed it into law. A significant number of other states have adopted RFRA including New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, where then state senator Barack Obama voted for it twice.

So that brings us to the question at hand, why should Christians and Conservatives be the quitters? We aren’t the ones that are suffering economically on this issue. This is from Susan’s piece,

“Looking at it from the angle of those who have tried to bully the state into compliance with dangerous ideologies, the NBA moved its All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans. As of a week before the game, ticket sales were the lowest in All-Star history.

The ACC moved their championship football game to Orlando.

Yeah. Lowest attendance for an ACC championship football game in history.”

It turns out, trying to use sports as a bully pulpit isn’t very effective. In the new hyper-political sports world, the NFL’s rating are down, ESPN is hemorrhaging viewers, and Colin Kaepernick is viewed as so toxic he can’t find a job. In the meantime, North Carolina is plugging along just fine. Yet liberals have the gall to expect Christians to give up.

The question we should be asking is, when will the sports world stop trying to use their popularity as a bully pulpit? Because, other than Georgia’s spineless Governor, nobody is listening. The American people really have no interest in seeing the NCAA and NFL meddle in local government, and they are turning away in droves. The sports world is taking a beating over this, so maybe they should be waving the white flag, not Georgians.



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