Why Not The Patriots In Overtime? It’s That Kind of Year

Might as well have Trump win again.

The only difference is that everyone (4 out of 5 commentators) thoughts the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons did their best to disagree, but apparently a 25 point lead going into the middle of the third quarter wasn’t enough to stop the runaway Brady train.

In the very first Super Bowl overtime, the Pats scored 31 unanswered points, 19 of them after Gostkowski’s missed extra point in the third, to tie the game with just seconds left in regular play. That’s two touchdowns with two 2-point conversions in the last 8:31 of the fourth quarter. To say it’s never been done is to say that Donald Trump would win the presidency in June, 2015.

The Pats capped their win with a quick touchdown in overtime, never relinquishing possession. From the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter to their ultimate win, they were simply unstoppable.

If you’re a Falcons fan, I do sympathize. I live in Georgia and know how badly they wanted that win. I have been a Patriots fan since birth, and lived through some really dark years in the 70’s, 80’s (1986!), and 90’s. So now we get to celebrate, and best of all, we saw Roger Goodell pelted with boos as he handed off the Vince Lombardi trophy like it was cancer to Robert Kraft then flee the platform.

It was that kind of year in 2016. It’s that kind of year again.

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