Why Should We Believe Democrats on Obamacare Repeal When They Got Everything Wrong About Its Passage?

Democrats are painting a nightmare scenario about repeal of Obamacare. All of this doom and gloom will bring about market collapse, send hospitals into bankruptcy, cause the poor and elderly to die, etc. But why should we believe them?

When Democrats forced through Obamacare, they made lots of promises about the law. But all their projections were off and promises were wrong. Obamacare caused people to lose doctors they were promised they could keep. Fewer people signed up for it than expected. The insurance wound up being more expensive than they claimed. Health care costs did not slow as much as they claimed. To this day, Democrats cannot be honest about what happened, but the reality is the Congressional Budget Office and outside projections of Obamacare were never met.

Now these same people are painting nightmare scenarios if Obamacare is repealed. Why on earth should anyone believe them? Their projections for passage did not come true and those were the lies they told to get it passed. Now they tell stories to keep it from being repealed and no one should have any trust in those stories either.

Democrats and much of the media committed to lies to pass a massive government expansion and I have no doubt they’ll lie now to keep it from being repealed.

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