Actress Meryl Streep poses for photographers as she arrives for the screening of the movie "Florence Foster Jenkins", at the Rome Film Festival, in Rome, Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Why the Outrage at Meryl Streep?

I did not watch the Golden Globes last night. It’s a Hollywood awards show where they congratulate each other on their diversity of skin color and sexual orientation while politely nodding along with uniformity of liberal thought. And frankly, Meryl Streep’s speech was not that bad as things go. It was not nearly as in your face as some of the other preachy Hollywood stuff about Trump has been lately. She was speaking to her tribe, not to the country, and she was saying the things her tribe says these days. You expect anyone to stand on that stage and not utter rote left-wing ideology?

I went back and watched the thing, after all the outrage expressed online by conservatives, and was surprised by how mild it was. I did not agree her on her dour despair over the election. I agreed with her that violence begets violence. I did not agree with her self-congratulatory attitude toward the people in the room as if they talked truth to power. I did not agree with what sounded like condescension about football and mixed martial arts. I agreed with her on press freedom. Frankly, though, if Trump promised to protect abortion rights, I suspect Streep and three-quarters of the crowd in the room would give him a pass on everything else so long as their secular sacrament was protected.

And I thought it was pretty stupid of CNN to send out a breaking news alert that Meryl Streep had “criticized President-elect Trump — without mentioning his name — for his behavior on the campaign trail and called on the press to hold him accountable.” How the hell is this breaking news? The breaking news would have been if Hollywood had kept their mouths shut and stopped doing those damn preachy videos.

Look, Meryl Streep is a Hillary Clinton supporting Democrat. What did you expect her to say? If anything, I was surprised it was not filled with more invective toward Trump and glowing praise for Hillary Clinton.

I don’t understand people who watch Hollywood liberals and get pissed off at Hollywood liberals behaving like Hollywood liberals. Life is too short. And Meryl Streep, regardless of her politics, is one hell of an actress.

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