He Quit His Job and You’ll Never Guess The Unbelieveable Thing He Did Next!

“Try printing this page. Seriously. Just look at the thought we put into the print template. It is gorgeous.”

The short answer to the title of this post is that he, or rather I, went out and started a website where I hope to never write clickbait headlines like that for the sake of driving traffic.

Welcome to The Resurgent. All are welcome and we hope to provide a new online home for conservatives and people of faith who are in the trenches of political fights. Our desire at The Resurgent is to build a website unafraid of any arc of history imposed by men knowing that history ultimately bends towards our Creator and His is the side of history on which we should stand.

Can there not be a place on the internet to write about politics, culture, and faith where you do not have to use an ad blocker, there are no auto-play videos, and the bottom third of posts are not filled up with semi-porn revenue generation blocks? I don’t want to have to use an ad blocker on my own website, which I have done for the past four years. This is not blame. It is just a reality.

Conservative sites, due to boycott and harassment of advertisers by the left, are not getting the General Electric sponsorships that equivalent leftwing sites could get. Most for-profit conservative sites have had to dedicate massive amounts of pixels to ad generation to pay staff and drive content. The right still lags the left in much of the online media world because many investors from the left look at return on investment as advancing an agenda and the investors on the right insist on a financial return above agenda advancing.

I want to try an experiment and, in doing it, make a financial return on investment while also advancing an agenda. I want to try something different and personal where I write and the traffic comes because people are interested in what I write and not because of a clickbait headline. I want to control every pixel so if I get blamed for something, I will actually deserve the blame. I want to try a different ad model and I want a site that is uncluttered, easy to read, and with thoughtful font choices. Try printing this page. Seriously. Just look at the thought we put into the print template. It is gorgeous. It may seem like a small thing, but as a talk radio host, I cannot tell you the number of times I have tried to print something for show prep only to have a page ridiculously cluttered and twenty additional pages of crap.

In addition to everything I have written above, there are other realities at play in the creation of this website too.

We enter 2016 a divided nation. The divides are partisan, spiritual, personal, and in many cases esoteric. The President who promised to heal us has pitted us against each other, playing black against white, poor against rich, urban against rural, singles against families, and young against old. Unnoticed is how less and less are there traditional red vs. blue divides. In fact, more and more both parties have lost touch with people outside Washington. Both have different policy solutions, but those solutions are designed to maintain coalitions to keep each in power. Both would reward their own friends with government largess instead of devolving power away from Washington.

In this mix stand conservatives who are fighting against both for a smaller, simpler, fairer government that does not pick winners and losers, but lets market forces do so. In 2015, conservatives ousted a Speaker of the House, ran reauthorization of the Ex-Im bank into overtime, picked up the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion, made gains for religious liberty in several states, forced Republican leaders to continue a fight against Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, and pushed for expanded second amendment rights. Each of these fights involved not just fighting Democrats, but Republicans.

Even now, in the Republican Presidential race, those who are committed to challenging the status quo are doing well in the polls and those who are perceived as part of the status quo are campaigning loudly on how they would fight it.

On radio, I have found myself spending as much time on cultural issues as on political issues. “You will be made to care” is a phrase more and more people are using as they see a secular left imposing their secular faith on Christians. Every aspect of our society has been politicized even though not all should be. A populist current has swept through the right and in some cases we see the right cheering on the very behavior it denounces on the left, e.g. taking over a park visitor center in Oregon vs. taking over an administration building on a college campus.

Through it all there is a resurgence happening. There are more and more resurgent conservatives willing to battle and hold their own side accountable. There are resurgent families willing to get back to the basics while refusing to go along with an increasingly insane culture that sees boys and girls as choices and sexuality as something you’re born with. There are resurgent Christians willing to stand fixed in the town square sharing an authentic Jesus not of their own creation, but of the Bible’s. In communities around the nation there is a resurgent culture rising up against the madness of a nation that seems to be losing its way.

For all of the reasons above, I have decided to start The Resurgent.

The logo is of the American eagle, like a Phoenix, rising. Being a radio show host in Atlanta, a city with the Phoenix as a mascot and the motto “resurgens”, it all seems to work together. The writers here and I and you head into 2016 focused on politics, but also on culture and society in general. This site, though political in most of its writing, will cover those things too — from cooking to bourbon to guns to culture. This site is a reflection of me and of my friends. It is, long term, an experiment in integrating a radio show and a website as an entity.

Over time The Resurgent will become more and more a home for activists. We will very shortly be launching tools for activists to engage in the political process. We will be traveling the country conducting interviews and meeting people forgotten by Washington.

At its core, too, is something a bit different. As I mentioned above, we are going to try a new advertising model and see if it can work. We are going to build our community slowly with no comments section, but with an eventual addition of something new so readers can share their thoughts too.

I will be using this as the landing page for my radio show. Instead of two sites, there will be this one. The show may be local in Atlanta, but I am mindful I have a national audience of sorts and I hope to more and more blend the two over time.

Welcome to The Resurgent.

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