Why Won’t Donald Trump Talk About the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a decision propping up the abortion industry in America and giving it special rights against regulation. And Donald Trump, supposed champion of the unborn, said nothing. Hillary Clinton championed the ruling. Trump stayed quiet.

Now we have this. Trump’s “Evangelical Advisory Board” has released a group statement on what “Donald J. Trump” intends to do.

Does that not strike anyone as odd?

Trump stays silent on a hot button issue related to the evangelicals he is wooing and finally a committee releases a statement instead of the candidate.

You would think that Donald Trump would say something himself. This may be the only time he has relied on a committee statement instead of doing it himself. This may be the only issue on which Trump has refused to express an opinion. Can the leader lead or must he be led on this issue? If he must be led on an issue about which he is supposedly committed, I would submit he really is not that committed to the cause.

And the dirty little secret is that many of these evangelicals know it. But they also know they want a seat at Trump’s table and won’t get one at Hillary’s table. So they’ll take his scraps.

These people have no shame or integrity left it seems.

But that’s okay, y’all. Somebody told somebody else who told James Dobson who told the press that Donald Trump just found Jesus even though Trump claimed to be a Christian last year.

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