Will Donald Trump Stop This Democrat Who Let Child Molesters Go Free?

“President Trump has taken outrageous pardons and amplified them, magnifying a precedent that will be abused even more unless this pardon is one of the bases for an impeachment.”

The President of the United States needs to do something. I realize the Democrat I’m talking about is a local official, but his abuse is rampant. On more than one occasion, when other elected officials tried to hold this Democrat accountable, the Democrat filed charges against those elected officials, including a county supervisor and even judges.

But what’s worse, the Democrat was in charge of investigating child molesters and seriously dropped the ball. According to Jon Gabriel in USA Today,

During one three-year period, his … office didn’t properly investigate more than 400 alleged sex crimes, many of them involving child molestation.

In all, the department improperly cleared as many as 75% of cases without arrest or investigation, a fact outlined in a scathing report.

Not only that, but the Democrat was so desperate to hang on to power, his staff “concocted an imaginary assassination attempt” and taxpayers “had to pay the framed defendant $1.1 million after he was found not guilty.”

This Democrat even burned down someone’s home, killing the person’s dog. When finally the federal authorities under Obama had enough and got involved, the Democrat retained a private detective to investigation the wife of the federal judge overseeing the case.

Time and time again, as an elected official, this Democrat used his position to abuse his power. He had reporters arrested for investigating him. He has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in claims filed against his office for abuse of power.

This is exactly the sort of thing Donald Trump campaigned against. Politicians abusing their power to benefit themselves and their families is one of the major issues that galvanized people for Donald Trump. The President of the United States should send in Jeff Sessions to stop this guy. When a politician fakes an assassination attempt against himself, frames an innocent person, and fails to pursue child molesters, even Democrats should agree the President should pursue this person, regardless of party.

And you should too. Because it is not actually a Democrat that I’m writing about, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio who President Trump just pardoned. Whether you support the pardon or not, Joe Arpaio is no conservative hero. He repeatedly abused his office and he will not now learn any lessons. The President pardoned him before he was even sentenced.

Be outraged about Mark Rich. Be outraged about President Obama’s pardons. But don’t excuse this pardon. It was wrong. And though you may think the Democrats’ pardons were outrageous, one day you will long for a Democrat to exercise such restrain. President Trump has taken outrageous pardons and amplified them, magnifying a precedent that will be abused even more unless this pardon is one of the bases for an impeachment.

And in all this, it makes it even more remarkable that President George W. Bush showed such restraint in the Scooter Libby matter. His restraint highlights just how abusive President Obama’s and Trump’s controversial pardons are.

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