Will Gorsuch Be “Perfect, Powerhouse Superman?”

As the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch get underway in Washington, one of the more fascinating storylines will be how the Democrat/Media Complex, bloodied and scarred from its stunning and stinging rebuke in the 2016 election cycle will report on them.

As the Media Research Center notes in gory detail, the last three SCOTUS nominees have seen a flurry of positive press from nearly every angle.

President Obama’s first nominee, the “wise Latina woman” Sonia Sotomayor, enjoyed treatment so soft that even the cameramen had to be embarrassed. After calling her a “powerhouse,” ABC anchor Diane Sawyer famously kicked it over the correspondent Claire Shipman who delivered this remarkably impartial and dispassionate analysis of the nomination:

“Even as a little girl, growing up in a drug-ridden South Bronx housing project, stricken with juvenile diabetes, she had that trademark knack: instead of seeing dead ends, young Sonia saw possibilities; instead of giving up, she investigated every angle.”

You were just waiting for the music swell and the voiceover to chime in: “South Bronx Savior: the Sonia Sotomayor Story, opens in theaters April 1.” But alas, it wasn’t a movie promo, just your typical ABC news coverage of a liberal judge.

Not to be outdone, when Obama appointed Elena Kagan to join the Supremes, Nina Totenberg of the taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio actually went for the heroic movie intro.

“In some ways, the descriptions of Elena Kagan as dean sound a little bit like the beginning of the old Superman TV series.”

I never saw that series, so I had to look it up. The beginning goes like this: “Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers… Bend steel with his bare hands.” I suppose that’s fitting given that Kagan was nominated by the guy whose ascendency precipitated the moment, “the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Shoot, even Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Hail Mary attempt to prevent the American people from getting a say in whether or not to throw the tenuous Supreme Court balance far to the left, was heralded as the perfect jurist.

No, literally perfect. NBC’s Chuck Todd said that:

“He is the perfect pick…He is putting real pressure on the Republicans…I think he made the perfect pick.”

So keep your eyes on the fourth estate in the weeks to come. This is the complex that publicly worried:

  • Whether Kagan was liberal enough
  • If Obama made sure his nominees were sufficiently pro-abortion
  • Why Sotomayor was so difficult to label politically as either liberal or conservative

Surely we will see similar handwringing over whether Gorsuch is sufficiently committed to conservative judicial philosophy, if Trump ensured his nominee is completely dedicated to the pro-life philosophy of Antonin Scalia, and how you can’t fairly tag such a conscientious judge like Gorsuch with a political label. This is the fair and free press, remember.

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