Will Paul Gigot and the Journal Editorial Page Apologize to the House Freedom Caucus?

Under the leadership of Paul Gigot, the Wall Street Journal editorial page has long drifted away from the vision and every man approachability of Robert Bartley. Gigot is proudly an elitist and proudly an establishmentarian. Over the past few years, it has become rather obvious he’s allowed Republican leaders in Washington to stick their hands up the back side of his editorial page and muppet master their fingers on the keyboard, all but ghost writing the attacks on their conservative brethren.

In the past few weeks, Gigot orchestrated attack after attack on the House Freedom Caucus for having the audacity to demand the American Health Care Act reflect the free market principles the Wall Street Journal supposedly advances. The unsigned editorials attacked conservatives. Karl Rove attacked conservatives. Multiple other voices joined the fray to attack conservatives. They all demanded conservatives sit down, shut up, and vote for what their leaders handed them.

But Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Justin Amash, and the rest of the House Freedom Caucus refused. They demanded free market improvements. They demanded the states be allowed flexibility. They demanded measures to lower costs. Now they have gotten both the White House and Republicans in Congress to agree.

The bill is, in my opinion, still terrible. But it has inarguably been moved right and improved. Had the House Freedom Caucus done what Gigot and and the muppeteers who move him demanded, the legislation would be in a far worse position than it is now.

Gigot should acknowledge the House Freedom Caucus improved the bill. His editorial page should finally acknowledge there were just as many liberal Republicans holding out. And they should turn the spotlight on the liberal Tuesday Group that remains steadfastly against anything that improves Obamacare.

I, however, won’t hold my breath. To do any of this would require humility and the editorial voice of the Wall Street Journal lost that to Robert Bartley’s grave.

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