Will Trump Get Primaried? Dems Think So…and Guess Who They’re Preparing For

Perhaps Senator Ben Sasse’s spokesman James Wegmann said it best: “How Democrats waste their money is up to them, but this is pretty funny.”

The “this” he is referring to is the apparent large-scale opposition research being funded and conducted by the Democratic National Committee into a handful of Republicans they think might challenge President Trump in his 2020 primary, or run for the position if Trump opts out of re-election.

According to Politico, the DNC is spending money to scour the voting scorecards, financial records, governing legacies, and personal connections to Trump for at least four potential Republican challengers: conservative Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, Vice President Mike Pence, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and…wait for it…Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Yes, Governor Judo-Chop himself made the list. No wonder Wegmann and several other Republicans are having such a good laugh at this whole spectacle of the Democrats funneling their donors’ money straight into the toilet. Remember Kasich was the guy who managed to finish fourth in a three man presidential election last summer. But here are the Democrats spending money they don’t have to dig up research on him.

No wonder Trump pulled this thing off.

As for the rumors about a primary challenge, neither Haley nor Sasse gave it any credence, and Vice President Pence angrily denied such a suggestion when the New York Times brought up the possibility just a few weeks ago.

Kasich, as expected, remained coy about the possibility, in what might be considered an embarrassingly futile attempt to generate excitement about his potential candidacy. Remember this is the guy who, in a crowded field of aggressively competitive candidates, managed to unite all Republicans in collective groaning every time he interjected himself into the debates.

But the DNC apparently thinks he’s got a real shot. Which could explain a lot about why so many people appear reluctant to support the DNC financially these days.

The Politico story also goes on to mention that speculation has surfaced regarding the future 2020 plans of Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, and even former Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Perhaps those three will be next on the left’s opposition research list. Then again, we’re talking about the DNC – they’ll probably start vetting Jim Gilmore instead.

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