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Winning With Grassroots Power: Campaign Advice from one of Cruz’s TEA Party Rockstars

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This week, we’re talking with one of my favorite people and hardest working conservative activists I’ve ever met, Toby Marie Walker. We’re going to talk to Toby about how she got started in politics, the craziness of living through the last 7 years as a TEA Party Leader, and find out what her biggest pieces of advice are for first-time candidates, from a grassroots leader and volunteer perspective.

Toby first came through one of my training programs back in 2009 and we’ve been close friends ever since. She transformed from “political junkie” to activist and has been a true force within the TEA Party movement since its inception. She’s been nationally recognized for her work by a number of conservative organizations and served on numerous leadership council’s, policy advisory committees and kitchen cabinets for elected officials.

Since 2012, Toby has been instrumental in fighting the illegal targeting of conservative organizations by the IRS. Her efforts led to one of the largest lawsuits against the IRS, DOJ and Department of Treasury. During that time she’s helped countless organizations in that fight and has actively worked with Congress to enact policy reforms and uncover the truth behind the targeting.

I’ve been constantly inspired by Toby’s tenacity and willingness to fight for what she believes, even when it came at significant personal cost.

She’s a good friend, amazing woman and persistent troublemaker for the left. Senator Cruz and I affectionately know her as “Tia Loca,” but to most everyone else, she’s Toby Marie.

Where to Find Toby Online:

Connect with Toby on Twitter!​

​Time Stamps for Key Topics:

00:37 – Toby Marie Walker Introduction & Welcome

03:17 – Where are you focusing your attention since Cruz ended his Presidential campaign?

04:48 – The IRS Targeting of Conservative Orgs and Toby’s role in fighting back

07:25 – How Toby got involved in politics & the wild ride she’s experienced over the last 9 years

09:45 – What keeps you motivated in the face of so much pressure and ugliness?

12:33 – What do you look for when deciding which candidates to support?

14:57 – Toby’s biggest pet peeves with candidates she has supported in the past

16:35 – Why accountability matters & How to stay true to your roots

18:46 – What is the role of a candidate’s Kitchen Cabinet?

22:40 – Who bears the blame for communication failures and how to avoid them

24:37 – How should campaigns use recruit, retain and deploy volunteers?

26:10 – Volunteers are as valuable as donors. How should we treat them?

27:20 – Phone Bank War Stories: How Toby runs a volunteer call center

29:52 – When is it ok to ditch the phone-bank script?

31:52 – How to use prizes and incentives to motivate volunteers

33:20 – Tips for being a rock-star phone-banker: Don’t miss!

35:45 – Campaign Manager Tip: How to keep volunteers from lying to you!

38:55 – How to be an effective ambassador as a phone-bank leader

41:15 – Balancing Quality vs Quantity in Voter Contact

42:15 – How to motivate your crew through strong leadership

43:09 – “ABC = Always Be Campaigning

46:30 – How to be the “Political Answers Guy” in your community

48:29 – Keeping your credibility while working in politics

49:39 – What advice would you give yourself if you could start over?

53:01 – Where to connect with Toby online

54:01 – Toby’s thoughts on My Campaign Coach Training

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