We’re not talking birth control, we’re talking Iraq. According to The Note, some prominent Democrats are about to come out in favor of withdrawal from Iraq.

Thus ends the Democratic attempt to be viewed as pro-military. Cutting and running at the first sign of bad news does not make for a credible executive.

Damn, had Orville and Wilbur been modern Dems, we might never have gotten off the ground.

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  • I still think it’ll be a faction. I don’t get a sense that the Demmies are going to do anything to blow this election. This is akin to 2000 when the conservative Republicans didn’t quite totally trust Bush but went along, or when Clinton ran the first time around and the Demmies showed unity.

    Larry Sabato has noted that Bush hatred is akin to Clinton and Nixon hatred…and it’s sad but hatred is quite a unifier…