I want to put a Kickstarter project in front of you. As many of you know, China is spending billions of dollars to influence our American culture and films. Those a tyrannical, communist regime, more and more of Hollywood is engaged in producing propaganda for the Chicoms. A group of friends has come together to start making good old American movies where we are not afraid to make the commies the bad guys.

Basically, this is a film project seeking to raise capital and vet scripts to back and produce movies without Chicom strings attached. I love the idea and I suspect a lot of you will as well. If you want to pledge and help the Kickstarter, you only fork over cash if their goal is met. It is quite ambitious, but I am excited to help them try. I committed the first donation to the project, though I have no connection to or involvement with it other than I’m friends with the guys doing it.

Check it out here.

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