HOLD FOR STORY MOVING EARLY RISER JUNE 9 BY JENNIFER MCDERMOTT ---- FILE - In this Feb. 21, 2013 file photo, female recruits stand at the Marine Corps Training Depot on Parris Island, S.C. U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in an interview on June 3, 2016, that the Navy and Marine Corps will be dropping “man” from some of their job titles to make them inclusive and gender-neutral. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith, File)

Woman Realizes She’s Not A Man. Demands Lower Standards.

Men and women are different. I realize we are not supposed to say such things, but men do tend to be stronger and women do tend to be better nurturers. That is just reality. It is the way we are made. There are exceptions to the rules, but those exceptions are exceptions, not norms and not something we should accept as norms.

In the military, Col. Ellen Haring of the Army Reserves, filed a lawsuit challenging the exclusion of women from combat roles. The Obama Administration got rid of those exclusions and insisted it would not then lower standards. But as a result of not lowering standards, most women are still unable to join the infantry. As a result, now Ellen Haring demands the military lower its standards.

Despite being one of the early supporters for integrating women into infantry and special operations forces, Haring wrote in the Marine Corps Times last week that Marine Corps infantry training was “unrealistic.”

“Where do they get these standards, who validated them and who can actually meet them?” she asked.

Haring, whose legal team based the original case on the objective “to open the profession of combat arms to women on an equal basis to men,” now wants the bar to be lowered. This is the very definition of hypocrisy and slippery slope at the same time.

Ellen Haring is coming to the realize that she is not a man, so she wants the men to be girls. Instead, she should go elsewhere. What is worth noting is that some women have been able to meet the combat requirements. Just not, apparently, Ellen Haring.

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