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Woman Teaches Kids About the Constitution. Man Tries to Shut Her Down.

In Texas, a Hollywood actress with a non-partisan education group spoke to students at Eubanks Intermediary School of the Carroll Independent School District. The event was long arranged for Constitution Day. Materials were vetted in advance. And the speech contained zero partisan content. In fact, to explain the right to petition government, the actress talked about her own petition to demand Congress limit the size of bills so that the citizenry is more able to digest and understand the content of legislation before Congress.

She dared to explain what human trafficking was and noted that legislation to fight it got held up in Congress because an unrelated matter on abortion was slipped in without any transparency causing some members to object.

And this is now controversial. But, as you might imagine, it is only controversial because the actress is Janine Turner of Friday Night Lights and Northern Exposure who happens to personally lean to the right. After giving the very well received speech, leftwing activist and self declared member of the resistance Buddy Luce organized a small but very vocal group of leftwing parents to complain.

Ms. Turner wrote about the incident here. The Dallas Morning News did a pretty good job of covering what happened, including that the school system gave a very lame apology for offending anyone.

What is left unsaid is that Mr. Luce and others object to Ms. Turner because she is a conservative. The content of her presentation is not controversial at all. But read this from the Dallas Morning News report:

Southlake parents became concerned after learning that their fifth- and sixth-grade children were given copies of a political petition, as well as materials that discussed legislation about helping sex trafficking victims and limiting abortion funding. Others questioned Turner’s qualifications for educating students about the Constitution, noting it is a complicated document that legal scholars and lawyers often struggle to understand and apply to legislation and policy.

Yes, that is right. Leftists are arguing that a woman who lectures on the constitution to tens of thousands of people a year is too dumb to be able to explain it our kids. In other words, the constitution of the people, by the people, and for the people, can only be processed by expert liberals. That gives away the game. The left not only now wants to shut down social conservative and Christian views, but does not even want the basics of the constitution explained to our kids. They want to undermine basic constitutionalism and will go after anyone who dares explain, even in objective terms, how the document works.

But the constitution was not written for experts or gods. It was written by men for men. It was written to be understood by you and me. And the left has spent over 100 years working to make the plain meaning of the constitution mean something else entirely.

Janine Turner’s real sin is that she dared to share truth.

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