“Women Get Paid Less” — An Easy to Do Story That Distorts the Truth

CNN is doing a story about the “gender pay gap” in the White House. Women only make 80% of what men make in the White House for similarly situated jobs.

In Elizabeth Warren’s office on Capitol Hill, there is an even bigger pay gap, though the left has excused that one and said it really is not so even though it is. Same with Hillary Clinton and a host of other Democrats.

These stories always seem to be aimed at Republicans and always seem to be excused away when the same problem is found in a Democrat office. The reason is pretty simple. The stories distort the truth and, if we are really, really honest, we could posit that CNN is only running this story because it is mad at the President.

Women and men tend to get paid the same amount, except many women take reduced hours to stay home with their children. They are willing to give up pay for family time. There are are a variety of other reasons for the supposed pay gap as well, including negotiations for pay, etc.

But these stories are all there to suggest some sort of actual discrimination or anti-women bias and, again, that is why pay gaps in Democrat offices are dismissed as just not so, even when the data shows it exists there too.

In other words, the “women get paid less” stories are lazy attempts to distort reality and make partisan points.

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