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Wonder Woman’s Mortal Sin

Angering leftist snowflakes is the pits

Unless you’ve been completely incommunicado for a week or more, you’ve probably noticed the latest pop-culture kerfuffle, this one involving none other than a character most people would consider an icon of female empowerment: DC Comics’ Wonder Woman, specifically in her near-future (June) iteration with Gal Gadot in the title role. What is the Amazonian warrior’s sin against feminism? No, it isn’t casting someone with the given name of “Gal” (though you’d be forgiven for suspecting that). It’s having the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to depict this pillar of strong womanhood as bowing to the demands of the patriarchy and keeping her armpits smooth and hair-free.

Timeline of a teapot tempest

This exercise in silliness began with just three tweets, notably from accounts with ostensible male owners:

All subsequent pieces used those three tweets as their basis. First to pick up on them was Shannon Carlin at REFINERY29, who asked Is Wonder Woman Allowed To Have Armpit Hair? Susannah Breslin at Forbes didn’t beat around the bush: Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have Armpit Hair Because Women’s Bodies Freak Men Out. There’s been plenty of backlash, too.

A little perspective

What really makes this whole episode laughable is the complete lack of perspective. Everyone’s cool with suspending disbelief sufficiently to swallow a manless nation of women perpetuated by Zeus’s direct intervention (he “brings each one to life”; now there’s some patriarchy for ya!), but it’s out of the question for said women to have any interest in—much less time for—axillary grooming and hygiene.

Come to think of it, we don’t even know if Amazons grow armpit hair! Maybe Zeus doesn’t dig hirsute pits, so he leaves that option off at the Amazon factory (it could even be an available trim package… hairless armpits, arms, and legs, the sleek and sporty Amazon NH… or the even sleeker and sportier Amazon BRZ). If you seriously have a problem with Wonder Woman having silky smooth pits, here are a few suggestions:

  • Get a life
  • Look for something worthwhile to do with your time
  • Seriously, get a life
  • Take it up with Zeus

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