Worn Out

I’m worn out. Just thought I’d share. I’ve gotten use to going to DC on Wednesday and home Friday. I did that two weeks ago and then last week I had to go up Tuesday and back Thursday. I got on the plane Tuesday and felt like I had just gotten off.

Days have merged. I’m losing my sense of what day it is. I have to have my alarm set to remind me what days I’ll be in DC and what days I will be home. I have the coolest job of all my friends and “commuting” between here and DC is certainly novel, but I think I’m starting to get gray hair.

Honestly, I think it is parenthood coupled with everything else. I’m still not use to getting up every morning before 7:00. Christy and I are not morning people. Knowing that I’ll be getting up every morning before 7, just does something. I don’t know what, but it does something. It makes you feel grown up and old. Sheesh.

And to think that the President gets up at like 5am every morning. That’s nuts. There is nothing worth getting up for at 5am.

Now, to coffee and cinnamon rolls, then to church. Christy and I keep the nursery today. And then to get things ready to go back to DC on Wednesday.

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  • I don’t see how you do it…my hat is off to you. A friend of mine in school just had a baby, his wife, that is, and I see how much stress is placed on him, and can only imagine how you feel traveling back and forth. Good luck. By the way, if you’re still doing the DC commute thing this summer, I’ll be there for six weeks. Perhaps we can meet for a drink.