Worst Idea Ever

Last night news broke that the Freedom Caucus (the conservatives in the House) had a “secret meeting” to discuss how they could trade their votes for Paul Ryan for Speaker for a low level leadership position.

This is, literally, the worst idea ever. They have now broadcasted to GOP leadership that they are willing to sell their political birthright for something less than a bowl of stew.

With 40-ish Members in the Freedom Caucus, they have the ability to hold GOP leadership’s feet to the fire when things like immigration “reform” and other big government bills are before the House. They have the ability to keep Paul Ryan accountable to a conservative agenda, not a Republican one or one that Paul Singer’s group hopes to advance (see immigration “reform” and marriage and other neocon, New York values type issues).

Some are thinking, “But, wait, they get a leadership slot in the deal!”

A low level, soon to be watered down, doesn’t matter leadership slot.

This is the group that was behind the motion to vacate the chair that forced John Boehner out.

They are now vacating their ability to do that in the next Congress. They should not.

They should be putting together an aggressive, free market/individual liberty/opportunity agenda that they can tell the American people about (and win their hearts and minds) and one they can forcefully negotiate with at the table with the GOP leadership.

Next step? Roll up the sleeves and get ready to rumble.


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