WRONG: ‘Mexico City’ Abortion Policy Causing Other Nations To Open Purses

President Trump’s decision last week to reinstate what is commonly known as the Mexico City Policy in relation to US funding of abortion providers worldwide is uniting several other countries in an effort to keep those providers in business. Citing information from several outlets, Life Site News reports that Canada is now among the nations

“considering joining the Dutch government’s proposed international abortion fund, as part of its commitment to advance ‘reproductive rights’. After President Trump restored the Mexico City Policy on Monday, Dutch minister of foreign trade and development co-operation Lilianne Ploumen announced her government’s intention to launch the abortion fund.”

According to Ploumen, as many as 20 nations are considering helping with the fund, as well as several private organizations with global interests. Belgium and Denmark are the only other nations mentioned by name, but Ploumen claims that countries in South America and Africa are set to join a number of European nations in the venture, which aims to raise upward of $600 million – the same amount the group estimates will be lost as a result of the Mexico City Policy being reinstated.

Putting aside the moral and ethical side of this debate (which of course is nearly impossible to do), this effort raises a serious financial question. If these other nations and private foundations – whose members are apparently far more favorable toward abortion than US citizens – are able to do so, why was the US providing funds collected under threat of force from its own taxpayers in the first place?

The argument from the left will of course be that the affected organizations also provide many other necessary health-based services, and that greedy Americans should pony up to help care for those in need. But since there are many US and foreign based aid organizations which work to provide needed healthcare throughout the world without providing abortion services, wouldn’t that $600 million be better utilized by organizations that all Americans can unite behind?



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