Wrong, Wrong, Totally Wrong. Time to Reset.

“I was wrong about so much about this election and so were so many others. The sooner we get over our pride, eat some crow, and realize we missed the mood of the country, the sooner we can move on.”

Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States.

In July I wrote the piece I put up this morning acknowledging a Hillary Clinton win. It is fitting that it is the ultimate bit of being wrong after a year of being wrong about the election. I genuinely presumed Donald Trump could not win. All of the data agreed. And I and the data were wrong as were so many others.

The upside to this election is the great Democratic freakout that is now playing out. The nation took to televisions tonight to watch the breakup of the Republican Party and instead witnessed the breakup of the Democratic Party. An overwhelming number of Americans like Barack Obama, but they want a more conservative President. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to get a great deal on a mansion in Beverly Hills as the left flees the country.

Democrats overplayed their hand on cultural issues. They had a Supreme Court impose gay marriage on the country and then tried to force men into women’s bathrooms. On top of that, they ruined healthcare for many Americans and drove up premiums. Then they nominated the worst politician in American history. Within the next 12 hours they will take off the mask and show just how much contempt they have for the very white working class that just kicked their ass.

That’s no excuse for me though. I could not vote for Trump. And I could not vote for him even if I thought he was going to win. His positions on trade and the economy are not mine. I do not trust him on social issues. I make no apologies for that. He said he did not need my vote and again he was right.

But he is soon my President now and the head of the party that I belong to. I was #NeverTrump in the election, but must now reset and give him the benefit of the doubt. He says he will fight for a conservative Supreme Court and will have a Republican Senate willing to help him. He says he will help the little guy. I hope he will.

I want my President to succeed. Scripture commands we pray for our leaders and Trump must be in my prayers and yours.

What we are about to see is a bunch of Democrats suddenly defend the filibuster and Republicans want to scuttle it. A bunch of Democrats outraged at Rush Limbaugh for saying he hoped Barack Obama failed, will now hope Trump fails. A bunch of Republicans will now be outraged by that.

I have never seen anything like this election. The disdain for Hillary Clinton is obvious, but the real struggles and hurt of many voters went unregistered. The data that I have long relied on to help shape my opinions is no longer reliable and, frankly, a lot of people I thought were full of crap turned out to be as right as I was wrong. There are really two Americas and I have to do better relating to one I thought I knew already.

I’m still a conservative. I still believe limited government is best and a strong man in Washington is a dangerous thing. I think protectionism is a bad idea. But I think the #NeverTrump Republicans need to do a reset and give Donald Trump the chance we did not give him up to now. There clearly were voters who would not admit to supporting Trump and they have sent a strong signal that they should be listened to.

I was wrong about so much about this election and so were so many others. The sooner we get over our pride, eat some crow, and realize we missed the mood of the country, the sooner we can move on. The Brexit polling was more accurate than the American election polling this year. That is stunning. But it is also somewhat exciting to be flying blind into the future knowing the gauges we’ve always used to see where we are going no longer work.

And not only did white working class voters beat Democrats, but Antonin Scalia’s seat is safe.

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