WTF?!?! This Attack in Politico on Ted Cruz Makes ZERO Logical Sense

This is really damn amazing. I mean really amazing. I told you guys the Republican Establishment was coming to terms with Donald Trump because they hate Ted Cruz so much. This is another data point.

Follow this story from the Politico.

A leading Republican pollster privately told Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team Sen. Ted Cruz would be the biggest drag on House Republicans should he win his party’s nomination, according to multiple sources who attended a small meeting of senior GOP lawmakers earlier this month.

During the gathering in Annapolis, Maryland, Dave Sackett of the Tarrance Group reviewed a recent poll he conducted for the National Republican Congressional Committee….

After the presentation to the group of elected Republican leaders, Ryan (R-Wis.) asked Sackett which of the Republican presidential hopefuls would be most detrimental to GOP House candidates on the ballot this year. Sackett replied that Cruz would have the biggest negative effect, citing the Texas senator’s starkly ideological positions, according to six sources who were in the meeting. Sackett told the group that the public’s perception of Cruz could shift if he becomes the nominee.

Got that? This is important. Dave Sackett of the Tarrance Group says Ted Cruz would be the worst possible nominee for the House GOP because of Cruz’s “starkly ideological positions.”

Got that?

If you go further down the story, you find this gem:

His poll showed that a plurality of respondents — 48 percent to 40 percent — would be less likely to vote for a Republican congressional candidate or incumbent if Trump were the nominee. The business mogul and former reality TV star, who has been leading in most GOP polls for months, was the only candidate surveyed on that question, the sources said.

WTF? And yes, I do mean that “F” word. Seriously.

Ted Cruz, because of his “starkly ideological positions would be most detrimental to the House Republican majority, but Trump “was the only candidate surveyed on that question.”

How the hell does that even make sense?!?!

And by the way, listening to pollsters tell them what they should do is exactly what got Boehner fired. Does Paul Ryan really want to go in that direction, especially when the pollsters are apparently just making crap up that confirms their own biases?

It really is amazing these guys are willing to run to the Politico and tell them that b.s. and the story even points out that Ted Cruz was not surveyed on that question.

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