Yes Democrats, Take This Advice. Please Do It!!

A liberal has taken to the New York Times to urge Democrats to move further left. They should. We should all encourage them to do it.

In 2016, Donald Trump won a number of counties that Barack Obama had won in part because the Democrats who flipped from Obama to Trump thought Hillary Clinton cared more about putting men in their daughters’ bathrooms than about creating jobs.

According to the op-ed at the Times,

Mrs. Clinton came closer to winning Texas than she did Iowa. She fared better in Arizona, Georgia and Florida than she did in the traditional battleground state of Ohio. The electoral action for Democrats may have once been in the Rust Belt, but it’s now moving west and south.

For the record, Trump won Texas with 52.23% of the vote and won Iowa with 51.15% of the vote. Trump’s margin of victory in Texas, however, was 0.42% less than Iowa’s. The reason had more to do with Gary Johnson than with Hillary Clinton. In Georgia, Trump won by 5% of the vote and, again, Gary Johnson contributed to that. The assumption in the op-ed is that all of Gary Johnson’s voters would go to Hillary Clinton, which is not true.

This also completely ignores the unique personality issues voters had with Donald Trump. For example, in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Trump won it by only 1.5% of the vote while Mitt Romney won it with over 20% of the vote. There has not been a sizable demographic shift in four years. Rather, a number of Republican women either did not vote for President or voted for Clinton against Trump.

Every side also advocates for their own view of why a candidate won or lost. It is natural to presume the left would want Clinton to move in their direction. I hope the Democrats listen and go even further left. The dirty little secret about “demographic” based politics in America is that the longer a Hispanic family stays in the United States, the more they come to identify with the GOP. Part of it has to do with the underpinnings of their faith. An even more secular Democrat Party that is even more hostile to people of faith only helps the GOP.

Democrats should be even more vocal about taking away guns, punishing Christians, and forcing Americans to pay for the abortions caused when perverts are allowed against our will into our daughters’ bathrooms.

Please, Democrats, listen to this man and go left.

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