Yes, Jeff Sessions Is A Grown-Up, Unlike Cory Booker

In a cynical political play, Sen. Cory Booker will testify against his fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is at this moment being grilled in confirmation hearings for Attorney General. Democrats are always the first ones to break all the rules of decorum they hold so dear for Republicans to follow when they are in power. Testifying against a fellow member of the Senate chamber is one of those rules–it’s not done, and it’s never been done before.

In the meantime, Sessions is comporting himself like an adult, who will serve the future President Trump man-child in the White House very well when grown-ups are required to do grown-up things.

In response to a question about whether he supported a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, as Mr. Trump has suggested, Mr. Sessions said he did not. “I have no belief and do not support the idea that Muslims as a religious groups should be denied admission to the United States,” he said. But he noted that Mr. Trump has since clarified that the restriction should be on immigration from countries that support terrorism. He said religious views — where, for example, they include justification for violence against Americans — should be considered as part of the visa progress.

When asked if he would be a “mere rubber-stamp” for Trump’s extreme policy positions, Sessions replied, “no.” He answered “yes” when asked if he would recuse himself from any lingering investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email issues (which Trump himself indicated he would not pursue).

And regarding his history with race relations, the record speaks for itself. Sessions in his opening remarks: “You know who I am,” he said. “You know what I believe in.”

Democrats will continue to grandstand, protest, and invite protesters to make ridiculous fools of themselves in full view of the Senate hearings. They really want this scalp to hang from their belts, so they’re pulling out all the stops.

But they know that Sessions is eminently qualified to be Attorney General, as a lawyer, and as a statesman. Given how he’s handling today, he should be confirmed without merely a whimper. Good. We need adults in this administration.

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