Yes Republicans, The Sky Really is Falling and It Is All Your Fault

I’ve been telling you all since February that if the GOP nominated Trump, Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency. Well, I told you so. No amount of Laura Ingraham and others saying “Never Trump” is to blame can ignore the fact that Republican voters have been played for fools. A Trump nomination is the poop show we’ve all been telling you and you need look no further than this one data point.

“The 2016 Republican convention is the first after which a greater percentage of Americans have said they are “less likely” rather than “more likely” to vote for the party’s presidential nominee.”

I just have to wonder what friends of mine who’ve been championing Trump since the primaries have to be thinking right now. Some of them have given constant praise and even attacked good candidates like Cruz and Rubio in order to prop up Trump. The best Trump’s supporters and surrogates have is that those of us who’ve been warning you about Trump are somehow helping Hillary Clinton when it is becoming increasingly obvious that those who trumpeted Trump on radio and television and elsewhere were either delusional or put friendships ahead of saving the country from the Clintons.

I know after Romney lost, some of those on radio and television who went deeply in the propaganda tank for him saw their ratings go down significantly and it took a long time for those ratings to come back. I’m beginning to wonder, given their level of enthusiastic, uncritical support going back to 2015, if there will be a rebound this time.

This is going to end so terribly for so many people who have worked so long to try to stop Hillary Clinton, but they put their faith in a candidate with no self-discipline who turns off virtually every demographic of voter. And those of us who saw it coming have been very vocal and all the Trump folks have been denying it or casting aspersions on us.

I was on Laura Ingraham’s show back in February saying what a disaster Trump would be in the general election and she and her listeners could only mock me and laugh.

Reality beckons and it is going to be awful. This is going to be terrible for so many people. Again, for the first time ever a convention concluded with more Americans being driven away from a party than toward it.

It did not have to be this way. And yes, I did tell you so. But you were too busy accusing me of disloyalty to listen. I expect you’ll continue to blame me and others right up until the bottom falls out. For much of America, character still counts. Just not for the GOP any more.

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