Yes, the GOP Would Support Hitler Against Hillary

There are sensitive sorts who will immediate decry me for comparing Trump to Hitler. I am actually not doing that at all in this piece. But you cannot read this Jon Ward piece and come away with any other conclusion.

The GOP, if Hitler made it through the primaries with 33% of the vote, would swap the elephant for the swastika.

To review, Donald Trump got 33% of the GOP vote. Only after every single person dropped out was Trump able to get to 44%. As Jon Ward notes

that sounds reasonable enough, until you consider that when the contested phase of the primary essentially ended in early May, Trump had roughly 11 million votes compared to 17 million votes for other candidates who had run against him in all the other primary states.

For all the people saying Trump got a record number of votes in the GOP primary, that’s true. But the other candidates got even more and that was also a record.

Go read this piece.

The delegates do not want their nominee. The delegates are afraid that their nominee could bring electoral disaster upon them. Some of the very delegates shutting down opposition to the nominee will themselves not vote for the nominee. But because the people supposedly demand it, they will go along with it.

Trump is not Hitler and I have repeatedly defended him on television and radio against others who have compared him to Hitler. But the overriding point remains. The GOP is so invested in their hatred of Hillary Clinton and their fear of a minority of their own voters that if the voters chose Hitler himself, the GOP would stand behind him against Hillary Clinton.

If you think otherwise, you are not paying attention to this campaign season.

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