Yesterday, Donald Trump Gave a Good Speech and Deservedly Banned the Washington Post

I couldn’t care less for Donald Trump. I will not vote for the man. But yesterday he did two good things.

First, he gave a good speech. True, the bar is quite low for Donald Trump. But he exceeded it yesterday. He did not dwell on banning muslims, but pivoted to a more reasonable approach first championed by Ted Cruz, i.e. temporarily banning immigration from countries with well known terrorist activity.

Most interestingly, the press savaged his speech. Every misstatement was seized upon to make the guy unqualified. There was neither mercy nor grace for Donald Trump’s speech from a press that, in the primary, shrugged and said everything was just Donald being Donald. He is now incapable of getting a fair hearing from the press, but that is mostly on him.

Trump, on a TelePrompter, is manageable. Everyone continues to worry about what happens when he goes off script, but on script he really wasn’t that bad.

Second, Trump banned the Washington Post from covering his events. They deserved it. Look, let’s be honest. Donald Trump is a 9/11 truther. It is not unreasonable to think, given that, that he also believes President Obama is a closet muslim sleeper cell of one hell bent on American destruction. But Trump never said it. The Washington Post, though, ran a headline that declared Trump believed this.

The Washington Post ultimately changed the headline, but never apologized.

They smeared a presidential candidate by imputing to him words he never said. Sure, they may think it. I might even think Trump thinks it. But Trump never said it. He left his statements intentionally vague allowing others to draw their own conclusions. The Washington Post drew the worst possible conclusion, walked it back, and never apologized.

They deserved to be banned.

Trump, in one day, did two notable things for which he should be commended. Of course, two things in one day does not a campaign make.

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