Yet Again, Donald Trump Works to Make Sure No One Pays Attention to the Hillary Scandal

With metronomic regularity, Donald Trump makes sure to open his mouth to distract the press and American public from Hillary Clinton. It is a guarantee that the moment Hillary Clinton suffers a bad day in the press, Donald Trump will rescue her with an absurd statement or tweet.

As the American public is dwelling on the FBI Director’s statement that Hillary Clinton was reckless and negligent in handling classified information, but will not be indicted because of her “intent,” which is not a standard in the law being violated, Donald Trump decided to say something ridiculous and shift the focus back to him.

The latest is Trump praising Saddam Hussein.

Not only was Saddam Hussein a terrorist sponsor who caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, including gassing his own citizens and throwing people in shredders, but Hussein plotted the assassination of President George H. W. Bush. Hussein and his sons were monsters.

But Hussein did kill Israelis, so perhaps this is another alt-right dog whistle. After all, through his twitter account, Trump tweeted out a graphic first published on a neo-Nazi related website tying Hillary and her corruption to Jews. It even got tweeted by David Duke.

Now we can move on to the latest. Trump just gave the press all they need to ignore Hillary. It is amazing how consistently he does this. It’s almost like he met with Bill Clinton before jumping into the race and plotted things out. Oh. Wait!

Tomorrow, I suspect the Wall Street Journal editorial page and various conservative scholars and pundits will all start singing Saddam Hussein’s praises. Anyone seen Steve Moore lately?

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