YETI Responds to NRA Backlash in Email to Dealers, Ambassadors

Per an email issued to YETI ambassadors and dealers, the embattled company says they still support conservation and 2A.

According to Austrailian bowhunter Adam Greentree, YETI ambassadors received this email explaining how YETI Coolers amended its legacy vendor program—which now excludes NRA Foundation and also Safari Club International (both of whom are closely tied to the NRA).

In the email blast, YETI says they continue to “actively support hunters, anglers, and the broader hunting community.” They also stressed they “believe in the Second Amendment and the Constitution of the United States.” They claim their restructuring of their legacy vendor program is a business decision, and not a political one—stressing they still support conservation.

Not sure if YETI will issue a public release explaining why they ditched their legacy vendor programs with NRA-affiliated groups NRA Foundation and Safari Club International. Did they increase ties with more lefty conservation groups? Did they do a massive sweep of conservation groups of all political stripes? Time with tell.

However, a lot of damage has been done by YETI. We shall see what pans out.

UPDATE I: One YETI ambassador, Rachel Athila, claims the company made a statement, yet there’s no word it’s from HQ themselves:

​UPDATE II: YETI put out an official statement in response to the media attention it’s been getting



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