Well, Christy had her biopsy. It did not go well. The doctors told us that the nodules removed were “atypical and very worrisome.” They said they felt very much like it was most likely cancer, but they weren’t sure and wouldn’t be sure till Monday. But you could see the looks on their faces and figure it out.

As luck would have it, the surgeon came back tonight and had a longer talk with us. In a nutshell, the pathologists ruled everything else out — it wasn’t bacteria, not fungus, not mold, not dust, not anything else, so they concluded it was probably malignant.

The kicker, however, is that they really have no clue at all what it is. Both the surgeon and the pulminologist said that none of the multiple pathologists who looked at the biopsy material had ever seen anything like it before.

So over the weekend we cling to hope and to prayer. You just want God to snap His fingers and make it all better sometimes. But He doesn’t. And you get frustrated. But then He reminds you that He loves you and hears you and is in charge and you just get filled with peace.

We cling to hope in the Lord.

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  • I’m probably nowhere near as conservative as you but when something like this comes around none of that is important.

    To a degree I’ve been where you are. I’ve had a couple of biopsies and a number of other surgeries. I’ve also had kemo and a couple of weeks of radiation.

    There are two main things you have to do right now. The first is not to dwell on all the “worse case scenarios” that are bouncing around your head. The second is to keep your spirits up. Remember you have each other, your families, and your community. You’ll find that others who have been diagnosed with cancer are very helpful and supportive. Don’t be afraid to lean on them online or in real life.

    You probably have a very bad year ahead of you but remember it will pass.

    My thoughts are with you guys.