You Are Not Daniel. You Are an Idol Worshipper.

You describe yourself as an evangelical and you have latched on to Donald Trump. You are convinced that you can guide and shape Donald Trump’s views. Days have gone by since the Supreme Court effectively ordered a pro-life pharmacist to violate his conscience. More days have gone by since the Court’s abortion decision related to Texas. On both Trump has stayed silent. But you are justifying that silence because Trump is relying on a statement from and other evangelicals as if you are speaking for him.

To get to this point, you have rationalized in your mind that you are Daniel. That makes Trump either Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus. But he is neither and you are not Daniel. You have twisted the Bible to comfort yourself for selling your soul. You are an idol worshipper.

God makes all of us instruments of his will, including you, including me, and including Trump. But for you to justify yourself as Daniel and Trump as Nebuchadnezzar, you are inserting your will into God’s will and purporting to know both God’s will and plan in ways you cannot. The God you are channeling is your American idol. In fact, you view the United States as some special, set apart nation — a modern Israel. But it is not. There is no Biblical basis for that other than your own pride and putting your temporary nation ahead of your eternal home. God raises up both the good and the evil. Even Pharaoh was raised up for a purpose as was Judas. Even Satan quotes scripture to tempt, to lure, and to damn. But that does not mean you are to stand with them or lay hands on them or side with those who utter golden phrases out of context to lure you in.

What you are doing is bowing before a man who mocks the Lord and does not repent. God created Judas and placed him in a place as well. Do you want to be on Judas’s team? Why should you want to be on Nebuchadnezzar’s team? Nebuchadnezzar got there through bloody conquest and if Trump is Nebuchadnezzar then you are an exile and slave. But when did Trump conquer Israel? When did he conquer America? He did not.

You are just, again, trying to justify your support for a man you know to be godless by claiming God has a plan for him. In the process, you are using your clout in the evangelical community to lead others to Trump to bow before him. You have put your politics ahead of your God and worship your idols. You are leading others astray and as a preacher you will be judged far more harshly than those you led astray.

To claim that a man who mocks God and claims no need to repent is a leader Christians should rally to is damning and you know it. That is why you have struggled so hard to compare yourself, even just privately in the mirror, to Daniel. You should be ashamed of yourself.

History remembers Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. History does not remember their fellow exiles who bowed down to worship the king’s image because they wanted a seat at the table. You will not be remembered either. Your pride and vanity and desire for power have led you astray. You have appointed yourself as Daniel. God has not done it.

I would urge you to repent. If you think the choice is only Hillary or Trump, there is nothing wrong with deciding Trump is better from a political stand point. But you are not doing that. You are using your position in the evangelical community to claim him both godly and God’s chosen candidate. You know deep down that is wrong, not Biblical, and is sinful. I urge you to repent.

You are not Daniel. You are not Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego. You bowed down to the image and coerced others to do the same by virtue of the authority you wield. And the lions will eat you and the fire will burn you because of it.

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