You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Sean Spicer Responds To Comey Firing By Hiding In The Bushes

If you ever think that the Trump White House resembles a sitcom, you have to acknowledge that even the best comedy writers can’t top reality. Case in point: after the president fired FBI Director James Comey, Press Secretary Sean Spicer ducked behind a hedge to avoid the scrum of reporters ready to tackle any staffer with questions about the Comey situation.

Now, here’s a little more context to what went down: Spicer had just wrapped up an interview with Fox Business, and he needed an update on what was going on before he faced the rush of journalists. So he dropped behind the bushes for a quick convo with staffers, including Kellyanne Conway and Spicer’s deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

After Spicer spent several minutes hidden in the bushes behind these sets, Janet Montesi, an executive assistant in the press office, emerged and told reporters that Spicer would answer some questions, as long as he was not filmed doing so. Spicer then emerged.

Spicer wound up speaking for about ten minutes off camera, trying to keep his tone light but expressing his annoyance and having to answer the same questions over and over. He referred reporters to the Department of Justice for details and timelines before walking back into the White House.

It’s just one more facet of the odd sequence of events that took place this week.

“Another Tuesday at the White House,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders quipped as she finished speaking on Fox News from its outdoor set, as the voice of Kellyanne Conway continued to spar with CNN’s Anderson Cooper from the next booth over.

I’m still waiting on Spicer to announce either a real-life version of Veep or a political version of The Office. (The Oval Office, anyone?) Because obviously the Trump White House will never cease to be fascinating and entertaining.

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