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You No Longer Need a Uterus to be a Woman. You Just Need This One Thing.

There is going to be a women’s march on Washington, DC to protest Donald Trump. Among the various women who had planned on attending were several pro-life feminist groups. That makes sense. The original feminists were pro-lifers until the feminist movement got hijacked by Nazi sympathizers like the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Well, the pro-life women have been disinvited from the Women’s March. Why? It seems that they are not women. Yes, they have all the right body parts, but in the twenty-first century it is what they believe that makes them male or female, not their sex organs. Because they are not pro-abortion, they cannot take part in a Women’s March.

Think about this for just a minute.

Having a uterus and being able to give birth to children is no longer what makes you a woman. Rather, what makes you a woman is if you are okay with murdering children.

Perhaps someone should rescue the feminist movement from itself.

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