You Will Be Made to Care

I have used the phrase “You Will Be Made to Care” for a number of years. It started at RedState when a reader informed me that he would not care one bit about gay marriage and it would never affect him. I told him that he would be made to care. The left will not allow you to not have an opinion on the matter and they will force you to pick a side. If you choose poorly, they will punish you. They will take away your livelihood, ruin your business, and drive you from the town square.

After years of people telling me I should write a book on the subject, I finally have. My friend Bill Blankschaen helped me compiled all the horror stories from across the country that prove the point that you will be made to care. We document the students harassed by college administrations for not jumping on board the gay agenda. We document the small businessmen and women whose businesses are destroyed for refusing to go along with the secular left’s new religion. But we also decided to provide some ideas on what you can do and should do about what is happening.

I hope you will consider going on and pre-ordering the book. You can do so here.

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