Young Woman Mocked For Cleaning Trump’s Hollywood Star

Makenna Greenwald made a huge splash when she tweeted photos of herself cleaning Trump’s Hollywood star in late June. The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been a constant target of vandalism by liberal protesters – usually with paint and marker. Greenwald, a supporter of the president, was visiting the Los Angeles area and decided to take it upon herself to clean up after the vandals. Her tweet has since received over 55,000 retweets and over 222,000 likes.

Greenwald has received praise for her actions. Donald Trump Jr. and Sean Hannity both took to social media to thank her.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the tidy up. The 20-year-old has been the subject of online heckling, and others have actually mocked the tweet by posting pictures of themselves by other Hollywood stars.

The top comment to Greenwald’s tweet accused her of being a white supremacist.

Numerous others accused her of being racist and simply wanting attention. Her tweet also started a new trend entirely. People mocking her are taking pictures of themselves next to other stars and using Greenwald’s same comments.

Are these tweets petty? Yes, they are. Is it pathetic to call a young girl a “white supremacist” for cleaning up after vandals? Absolutely. Greenwald told “Fox and Friends” in an interview that she was blown away at the amount of disrespect leveled at her.


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