Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop at the University Of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Your Candidate Sucks

I have been overrun with leftists showing me strange new respect for my opposition to Donald Trump. Not a day goes by that someone does not tweet something along the lines of “I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Erick Erickson.” But in their smugness over the Republicans’ candidate, we should pause to reflect that their candidate sucks too. “Yes We Cankles” is a poor substitute for “Yes We Can” and no amount of pulling her face back will make her look youthful and energetic.

Hillary Clinton should be fifteen points ahead of Donald Trump, but she is not because she is terrible. What Trump may do for the popularity of chlamydia, Clinton does for syphilis. The public does not trust her nor does the public like her.

The latest revelations that the FBI cut side deals for the destruction of computers, her continued lying about her emails, and the obfuscation of Obama Administration officials into the propriety of her behavior are shameful. As much as Democrat deride Republicans for putting party over the good of the republic, Democrats are doing the same damn thing.

As morally outraged as Democrats are at Donald Trump, they should be outraged as the repeated show of favoritism and collaboration between the FBI and Hillary Clinton. But they are not because deep down the Democrats who champion Clinton are no better than the Republicans who champion Trump. Had the New York Times revealed Hillary Clinton’s taxes were what Trump’s were, the Democrats would defend her as much as the GOP is hilariously defending Trump.

By the way, it appears Clinton used some of the same tax strategies as Trump, but of course the media will ignore all that.

The foreign policy disasters of the Obama Administration are partly Hillary Clinton’s fault. The disastrous outcome of repeatedly crossed red lines in Syria, the collapse of Libya, and the thuggish behavior of Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran all began on Hillary Clinton’s watch.

The woman who blasts Donald Trump for 3am tweets couldn’t even answer the phone competently at 3am or at 4pm, which is the time in Washington that the Benghazi attack started.

Hillary Clinton’s only saving grace in the eyes of the American public is that she is running against Donald Trump. And the poor health stories peddled by Trump supporters only help her. Why? Because a lot of people are voting for Clinton believing she is in poorer health than Trump thereby increasing the odds of her Vice President becoming President instead of Trump’s.

Yes Democrats, you are probably going to win. But your victory is vastly more about the GOP losing than Hillary Clinton actually winning. You deserve some smugness about that, just not as much as you think. The great silver lining for the GOP is that it will continue to wipe out the Democrats’ farm team at the state level over the next four years. The gains made by the GOP under Obama at the state and local level will proceed and the irony missed by the press is that the up and coming youthful, diverse faces of politics, will have R’s next to their names.

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