Your Regular Reminder That Trump is Trying to Get Hillary Clinton Elected

If Trump wanted to get Hillary Clinton elected, what would he do differently?

In the past, he had staff shake ups that overshadowed all the Hillary news.

When the FBI email scandal broke and people of all political persuasions were angry about it and distrust of Hillary was growing, Trump found a way to distract from it all.

Every single time a major story about Hillary Clinton breaks through into wider circulation, Trump ups the ante and gives the media an excuse to complete ignore the Clinton story.

Now he has done it again.

News has come out that Clinton Foundation workers tried to get diplomatic passports, which is a big no-no. On top of that, Bill Clinton used federal tax payer dollars to subsidize the costs of the Foundation and the personal email server. On top of that, we now how even more emails about Benghazi.

So what does Trump do?

He rushes to Mexico, gets into a squabble with the Mexican President over whether they talked about the wall or not, brings in David Bosse, and continues to flail about in his immigration position. The last bit has led the press to cover every step of the flipping and flopping at the expense of covering Hillary.

And now someone in the Trump campaign has let slip his talking points for talking to black pastors and that story is getting traction in the news.

Again, if Trump wanted Hillary Clinton to win, what would he do differently?

He’s become the political equivalent of a human shield for Clinton. It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton has basically fallen off the radar. Her campaign is intentionally keeping a low profile because Trump is self immolating. They have no reason to do anything.

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