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If you guys have not checked out CRTV, you need to. For a limited time, Resurgent readers can get $30.00 off. I’m not only friends with the folks at CRTV, but I’m a fan and viewer too. Mark Levin, Michele Malkin, Steven Crowder, and more are a great alternative to the standard fare you get. Michelle Malkin provides great investigative work. Mark Levin goes through the news of the day truthfully with great insight. Steven Crowder takes the topics of the day and highlights leftwing absurdity. Mark Steyn is, well, Mark Steyn. You can’t beat him. You can’t beat them. And you can’t beat this incredible offer.

The coolest part about CRTV is their model. Think of it as Netflix for conservatives. You can watch on demand, when you want. You will never miss anything.

Right now, I’m pleased to announce The Resurgent is teaming up with CRTV for a great introductory offer. If you want on demand access to the great one, Mark Levin, along with Michelle, Steven, and more, all you need to do is follow this link. You will get $30.00 off a subscription.

CRTV is not just a website. You can get it on Amazon FireTV, through the Apple Store, Roku, Google Play, Samsung Smart TV, and more. You can get the latest conservative news, opinion, and information anywhere, anytime, on demand.

Go check it out today. You can see a preview of what CRTV offers and sign up. Likewise, going to CRTV through this link also helps The Resurgent.

I am so excited to see what CRTV does and think it is absolutely worth signing up for.

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