Washington, DC, - JANUARY 21: Atmosphere during the Women's March on Washington in Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017. Credit: mpi34/MediaPunch/IPX

You’ve Got to be Freaking Kidding Me

Today, Donald Trump is going to withdraw the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership and order a review of NAFTA. Yesterday, he signed an order reinstating the Mexico City policy that prohibits federal funds from funding overseas abortions. There were also some substantive, but secret meetings on the Supreme Court nominee and the list was narrowed. In Georgia, Florida, and Alabama dozens died and thousands were left homeless because of terrible storms. While all of this was happening the American press corps was focused on men and women wearing vagina hats marching in the streets and on the size of crowds. At least Donald Trump got more women exercising in one day than Michelle Obama did in eight years.

The only reason the press corps is fixated on the size of crowds is because it is a passive-aggressive way to insult Donald Trump. They view him as ratings obsessed and they think that by pointing out low turnout he will take it personally. They are focused on the Women’s March because it is “the resistance” to Trump that the media is part of, but pretends it is not part of.

In November, shocking just about everyone including Donald Trump, Trump won the presidency. He did so in large part because people in this nation are hurting. The policies of the Obama Administration have left people out of the workforce. They view their culture slipping away from them. They see their children under assault by drugs and a culture of death. They see costs going up and Washingtonians and Hollywood living the good life while they work paycheck to paycheck. They go to church on Sunday and pray that God helps them get by then spend Monday through Saturday watching the liberal elite mock God and threaten churches, religious charities, religious schools. and home schools.

Fed up, they turned to a man they did not necessarily care for, but who they knew hated the same people they hated and could, unlike them, damn them all to hell if he wanted.

Instead of learning a single lesson from Donald Trump’s upset victory in November, the American left has strapped on vagina hats and marched in the street, calling Trump supporters Nazis and ridiculing people of faith. The media has been positively enamored with it all and continues to refuse even to learn how to relate to the people who voted for Trump.

There are real and substantive things happening in the lives of Americans and real and substantive things being decided by Donald Trump, but the press is playing at third grade insult humor over size mattering while the left is beclowning itself in the streets.

The American press corps really does not deserve the liberty it enjoys because it has used it recklessly, with open bias against one side, and has abandoned all pretenses of fairness. Maybe having Donald Trump relentlessly pound the crap out of the press corps for four years will finally knock some sense into the circle of jerks who make up the political press. There are so many threats to freedom and so many troubling things coming and the press would rather trade insults with the President and openly cheer on his opposition.

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